Decrease the Surplus Population

by Luddite Bastard

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The difficult second demo album, recorded at The Music Shed, Derby, over the course of one booze-fuelled weekend.


released June 3, 2012

Fat Crap: Guitar and vocals
Dred: Vocals
Cheney: Bass
Jim: Drums
Oli: Guitar



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Luddite Bastard Derby, UK

Formed in 2009, Luddite Bastard are a 5-piece punk/skacore/thrash band based in Derby, UK.

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Track Name: Bomb the Third World
I am a citizen and I know my rights I’ve been training my whole life to fight heathens in the red the blue and the white their way’s wrong and I’m in the right staring over the desert sands the word of god is the rifle in my hands. I am a farmer and I work on the land growing the cash crops the west demands the next dictator is rising to power with British made equipment and now is the hour to rise in unison change the state we say the future is ours to create then the bombs fall…
Track Name: Reserve My Right
Humble is as humble does and the humble shall become the voice of reason the next agenda honest and undone I did not hear I did not see all that happened to you I saw the path your actions took from 85 to 02 and I reserve my right not to vote I reserve my right to keep the peace I can’t determine truth from lie and so I’ll wait my turn to speak I close my eyes and I hold my tongue your words wash over me they do not change my state of mine they change who I can be no gun no sword no subterfuge no tricks nor words nor knife should diminish or disregard the worth of human life and I reserve my right…
Track Name: Working Man
They talk of good old days of family and home shifting the earth and drilling holes into the stone but the mines are long since closed and the factories are gone we are the last sons of the working man rising at dawn to face the winter cold driving through the rain to bring the harvest to the hold don’t speak of angry bureaucrats who left he men alone we are the last sons of the working man working man

And I say curse the iron lady as she sits upon her throne and damn the union leaders with their suits and telephones cos they left the men redundant and drove the final nail into the coffin of the working man

How do you move on when the shit has hit the fan broken homes and benefits dependence on the man who sends the food parcels when there is no pension plan we are the last sons of the working man times they are a changing but life keeps moving on the children have all flown the nest recession has begun but don’t ever forget who built the house that you call home don’t forget about the working man

What kind of example do you want us all to follow working for the wages that you’ll steal away tomorrow and how do we survive when all we own is borrowed from the pockets of the working man don’t take it from me I know you do the best you can while hypocrites fools and bastards raze the green and pleasant land but who will you turn to when you realise their plan only the last sons of the working man

In a queue I’m standing in the dole queue
Track Name: Pointless Riot
Here come the hooded youths all marching down the street grab a brick or firebomb the time has come to greet your newest acquisitions clean white trainers and TVs follow us on facebook use your iPhone check your tweets
Gonna be a riot a pointless riot less police more common sense that’s where our money should be spent
Here come the ministers the white men in clean suits they tell the snipers which direction they should shoot they talk of broken Britain a nation of disrepute and employ a league of middlemen for a million or two
Gonna be a riot a pointless riot
Track Name: Politik UK
If we stand united we can never be divided a nation under anarchy will soon descend to violence a hundred thousand voices have quarrelled and decided that the future will be brightest when governed by the righteous
Left is right and black is white a people’s freedoms die tonight cast your vote and make your choice no-one left to hear my voice democratic politics are controlled by the hypocrites do not blame the heads of state blame the world you helped create
Maybe we should depopulate or maybe close the borders maybe we should heed the words of those who go before us maybe we should change our ways and raise our voice in chorus scream until the heads of power are kneeling down before us
Democratic UK slipping down the drain
Track Name: Indoctrination
Capital dependency creates a state of conflict driven by division between the owner and the buyer foreign policy is designed to protect those who loan aggressively and raise interest higher

You turned indoctrination into an art form and I won’t suffer it any more

Dictators rise to power on British made equipment and choose to break the terms of the free trade agreement the coalition of superpowers declares an intervention and the UK supports those with capital investment

You turned indoctrination into an art form and I won’t stand for it any more
Track Name: Religion in a Bit Longer
German people all like eating sausages (bratwurst) French people all like eating snails (and frogs) English people all like wearing flat caps (flat caps) and Americans are all just fucking fat (hamburgers and shit)
But if religion had it’s way then no-one would have a foreskin (snip) no-one would be able to have a pint (or a tequila or a gin) if religion had its way we’d be burning Richard Dawkins (evolution) if religion had its way we’d all be white

Italian people all like eating pasta (tagliatelle) the Japanese like chewing on raw fish (and octopus) the Russians drink an awful lot of vodka (Smirnoff) and Mexicans like tacos dipped in dip (chimichanga)

But if religion had its way we’d be murdering homosexuals (prejudice) instead of shagging men they could shag children (or animals) if religion had its way there’d be no more eating bacon (swine) if religion had its way we’d all be dead

Jesus (bollocks) Allah (bollocks) Thor, Wotan, Shiva, Baal, Ganesh, Joseph Smith and the rest you can say what you like I’m not convinced because I know the truth of it religion is a load of fucking shit
Track Name: A38
Take a right then a left out of Chris’ house keep on going to the roundabout take the third exit soon it’ll be great soon you’ll end up on the A38

Doing a gig in Burton or Chesterfield all crammed into the Cheneymobile get pissed on the journey end up in a state riding along on the A38
Track Name: When You Die
You’ll be forgotten when you die no lasting legacy no respite

Favour for a favour you sort it for a mate the hands of time will be unkind on high inflation rates business is a vampire and lovers foot the cost lives are made and lives are gone and memories are lost graveyards fill as oil spills and petrol bombs go falling righteous men become undone and fools now carry warning

You’ll be forgotten when you die no lasting legacy no respite
Charity begins at home but beggars still go wanting the emptiness of information ensures a new day dawning they said it 60 years ago and still we save and borrow spend today with recklessness forget about tomorrow preachers stand upon their boxes singers sing right from the heart no-one ever listens and we go back to the start