Brown Noise

by Luddite Bastard

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The first demo album, recorded at Abbey lane studios, Derby, over the course of one booze-fuelled weekend.


released January 26, 2011

Fat Crap: Guitar + Vocals
Dred: Vocals
Cheney: Bass
Jim: Drums
Oli: Guitar



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Luddite Bastard Derby, UK

Formed in 2009, Luddite Bastard are a 5-piece punk/skacore/thrash band based in Derby, UK.

Please buy our new album, or failing that, download our two old ones for free!

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Track Name: Religion in a Minute
Loving hands are paralysed the preacher waits for death
Rot away like built from clay by maker’s divine breath
Humanity has changed in ways the pious fail to see
The truth of life is set aside in Jesus we are free

2000 years of lies
Where’s your god now

Indoctrination from the cradle to your dying grave
Thought pollution tricks the mind in wanting to be saved
Lobbyists control the flow of power from the state
Christian soldiers preach of love and fill the world with hate

2000 years of lies
Where’s your god now
Track Name: Wind and the Rain
Money is the first trick and consciousness the second
A target is acquired and an agenda is reckoned
An island full of sycophants is remedied and beckoned
To an end of global conflict propagated through depression
The people want a hero but Cernunnos fears recession
He cannot string his hunting bow without government concession

Wind and the rain wind and the rain
Rolling over the valleys and soaking the age
Wind and the rain wind and the rain
A generation drowned in the wind and the rain

I’ve spoken to the mother and she says her core is rotten
Our island floats on stolen blood and histories forgotten
Join the army of the damned they’ll get you on conscription
The body and the mind reside in consumer confliction
The good lord washed away our sins and gave us free prescriptions
A drug for every malady with inaccurate descriptions

It’s cold and it is lonely in the January weather
Your safety net is full of holes but times are surely better
Medicine is metaphor, security the fetter
Enforcement is a way of life that swings each sullen letter
The language of the bureaucrat disguises something better
Track Name: Bunch of Cunts
Fuck the people fuck the state fuck the stupid laws you make
With grasping hands you live to take so work until your back will break
Please your master chomp the leash pray this life will give you peace
Sell it all for quick release til body functions start to cease

Fuck the future fuck the past fuck the buildings built to last
You want it hard you want it fast so come and get it while stocks last
The time has come to end it all line them up against the wall
Empires rise and empires fall you're all a bunch of cunts

Knocking at my door but I won't let you in you'll sail me down the river when the massacres begin
Tried and tested systems now will burn the world with fire say it to my face and I'll call you a fucking liar
Bunch of fucking cunts

Fuck your job and fuck your life fuck your husband fuck your wife
Bring you pain and give you strife and you'll never get out alive
Society's a crushing weight forced dependence on the state
Born to die and procreate you're all a bunch of cunts
Track Name: Arms for the Poor
White man listen to me there’s more to life than what you see and you believe
Unification is breaking down you sow the seeds of hate and there’s dissent in every town

White man listen to me your greedy minds are wasting time of which there’s no relief
Written history is falsified the body of humanity is starved when fed with lies

Arms for the poor
They’re begging for the rich man to give them some more
Track Name: Countryside Bastard
You can find me in a cage in the pet shop and you can take me home for less than 50 quid call me Flopsy call me Bugs give me cuddles and give me hugs and pay for my injections

Hawks and foxes are all tossers I will outcompete the otters Hay and bitches I'm going to grab it cos I'm a Netherland lop-eared rabbit

The white-tipped tail is down to the ground into your graden without a sound when the bloodhounds come there's no man can save me I'll hide in a bush and I'll cry like a baby

I've been sniffing around your livestock might steal a chicken kill a cock on the run from bloodhound dogs and toffs I'm your average urban fox

Now we come to the hero of the tale the one who was born and raised to prevail given his powers by kingdom and country he's got a fucking shotgun and he's not afraid to use it

I've got a horse and a gun license I've got them critters good and frightened I'm not into sex and violence I'm in the Countryside Alliance
Track Name: Deadend Baghead
I met a man there upon the street with a ragged beard but his hair clipped neat
And all he owned was in a bag by his feet and he said mate give me a moment

Oy brother take pity on me lend me 50p and they say get a fucking job
Oy mate don’t you know life’s tough away from home when they say get a fucking job

Down here with nowhere to go trying to find shelter from the wind and the snow
People come by and they don't want to know when I ask them give me a moment
Track Name: Self Righteous Arsehole
I had some friends but I outdrew them
I played my cards before I drew them
I live to win I hate to lose
I’ve been around my mind is firing I can’t find work nobody’s hiring

I have no more bridges to burn I have no more lessons to learn
I’ll sit on my throne I’ll be king of my own lonely world of the self righteous arsehole

I survived the epidemic of 2009
Saw the financial crisis hit now everything is fine
I’m the way I am because I choose I have nothing left to lose
The lights are off the TV’s on there’s no one home I’ll soon be gone

I have no more bridges to burn I have no more lessons to learn
I’ll sit on my throne I’ll be king of my own lonely world of the self righteous arsehole
Track Name: Non Servium
See the faces on your screens, the ones who grace the magazines
That scream your name out in your dreams the ones that you adore
They clamour for appreciation, need a fixture on the station, testament to bad creation crying out for more
Villains will approve them and you'll have the chance to prove them, to cast your vote and enter in to this world of confusion
But heroes are all manufactured, life illusion, light refracted lies are truth are now compacted into something less

The blind are all leading the blind
And the deaf are all leading the deaf
I will not stand up and be counted
Tagged, collected unaccounted
I will shout out with my dying breath
I will not serve you!

Who on earth can justify the shit you're told you need to buy
From gurus on the upper shelf who think they know you best
They want the power and need the wealth improvement at the cost of health look in the mirror and tell yourself how much is still to come
The fabric frays the screws are loose, opinion never backed with proof join the chase for more wild goose, hand over your details!
Pay for Armageddon in instalments, words and pictures, what enthralments an expertly devised performance you will never see
Track Name: Hitler Youth
I don’t wear a uniform cos I have no will to conform
The shit that went down before I was born has taught me how to think
The UK’s not a fascist state but believe me man we won’t have long to wait
And folks like you will think that’s great until your rights are gone

Strip the shirt from off your back forced to march upon the track
Soldier on and don’t look back at the life you left behind
Become a number not a name think and act and look the same
As long as you shoulder the blame while you still have a voice

Fascist UK the way it’s gonna be
Track Name: Edge of Defeat
Here’s to the old man who drinks on his own
Talking to strangers that he’ll never know
Because isolation is no kind of home
We live on the edge of defeat

Here’s to the mother who’s bound to the home
Can’t leave the house cos there’s nowhere to go
And here’s to the agencies who don’t want to know
We live on the edge of defeat

Here’s to the officer who kicks down the door
And binds your hands while you’re pressed to the floor
And here’s to the children he works to support
We live on the edge of defeat

Here’s to the brave lads that die in Iraq
Our boys or their boys they’re not coming back
I’m not saying change the record I’m saying change the track
We live on the edge of defeat

Here’s to the young men who drink through the night
Go down the town in the hope of a fight
You think when you’re young you will never die
We live on the edge of defeat

Here’s to the old man who drinks on his own
And the young man with a rifle so far from home
You enter this world and you leave it alone
We live on the edge of defeat

Here’s to the young men, popping and locking
They march on down to London and come back in a coffin
Picking a war with the big boys in blue
A time to stand up and fight but they say fuck you
Your rights are gone your days are numbered